Who am I?


My name is Emanuel Ferraz, better known on the internet as Kamefrede. I’m a software developer from Gondomar, Portugal.

What kind of software do you develop?

In my day job, I mostly maintain legacy codebases(mostly C# and JS) and develop tailor-made software for various different clients(factories, restaurants, etc..).

In my spare time, I mostly do Minecraft modding in both Java and Kotlin(I was going to try Clojure, but it was too much of a pain to get it to work). I’m also working on a game and a library for the Nintendo DS, the twist being that it is entirely written in Rust.

What programming languages do you like?

I’d say my favorite languages are Kotlin and Rust, but I’m also quite fond of Zig, Java, and Haskell.

Do you have any other interests besides programming?

Yes. In no particular order, here are five activities I enjoy doing: Baking bread and pastries, playing badminton, watching anime, playing board games, and making things(DYI projects).

I also play the Cavaquinho (Portuguese string instrument, the predecessor to the Ukelele). I’m a bit rusty since I mainly used to practice and play in a Folklore group but due to COVID, there haven’t been any recent meetings. :(

What’s the origin of your name?

This is too long of a story to cover here and so it will get a dedicated post.